• Why I think some liberals aren’t helping themselves.

    As usual, please remember that this is simply my opinion. Got it? Good.

    While I’m at work, I’ve started listening to a talk radio station. I listen on the internets, which, I think, is the only way to listen. They stream live talk and video. It’s supposed to be a progressive talk station and it’s on Rational Broadcasting.

    I don’t know how progressive I think some of the content is. Particularly the three hours in the afternoon where a loud bald man and his merry band of fools spend most of their time talking about women as though they’re a commodity.

    The men who host shows where they talk about politics, however, are certainly liberal. I don’t know if I’d call them progressive, but if they want that title, I’ll go with it.

    What I’ve noticed about these men, more one than the other, is that they’re the very definition of that whole “elitist liberal” thing. One day, the group spent a good two hours talking about how enlightened they were, with the basic implication that anyone who didn’t think the way they think is just not intelligent.

    Now, you guys know, I think, that I’m definitely not a Republican and I’m certainly not religious. But even I was a little insulted by some of the statements made. Particularly the implication that anyone who is moderate is simply “uneducated and uninformed.” WTF, progressives? Is this really what you want to stand for? Because it’s pretty disgusting.

    One woman, who was a guest on the show, said that Americans weren’t as “cultured” or “enlightened” as Europeans, because more Europeans have active passports. In my opinion, that’s one big fucking leap. There are lots of reasons why fewer Americans might have active passports. Not the least of which is that we get less than half the vacation time.

    I guess what I want to say to those so-called Progressives out there is this: What are you really accomplishing by telling over half the country that they’re stupid? Why on earth would they want to listen to you, if you’re just going to insult them? Particularly, you should back off the moderates. There’s nothing wrong with being moderate. I think extremes are the problem, in fact.

    I think we can accomplish a lot by having a rational conversation and explaining why we believe what we believe and why we disagree with others. There’s no way to do that, if we’re just going to be rude to those we oppose. Frankly, that’s the game of the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs and Sarah Palins of the world, and I don’t think we should play it.

    Stop being so dismissive of others’ opinions and beliefs, even if you don’t agree with them. Instead, ask questions and try to understand. What could it hurt?

    When the Republican mouthpieces spread lies, it’s possible to correct them without name calling. You’re better than that…right?