• Not Welcome, AKA You Should Probably be Ashamed of Yourselves.

    Unless you live in a cave or possibly in Papua New Guinea, you probably heard about all the controversy surrounding the so (inaccurately)-called Ground Zero Mosque. And to all the people who continue to spew a bunch of hate about that? You know where you can shove it.

    What you probably didn’t hear about is a similar controversy, taking place in a small town in Middle Tennessee. In fact, several members of my family live in this small town. I can’t say whether they would have been a part of this, but I’m sort of scared to call and find out.

    Mufreesboro, Tennessee is home to some 200 churches, according to this article, but the town folk got more than a little upset when it became clear that there were plans to build an Islamic Center in the town, as well.

    Vandalism, protests, town meetings, and finally arson ensued. All because some people who aren’t Christians wanted to have a place to worship, too.

    I can’t even explain how much this disgusts me. What I’ll never understand is how, HOW, it’s affecting these people to have an Islamic Center in their town? What is it that gives you the right, as Christians, to commit crimes and deface property and scream and shout a bunch of hate? That’s sort of…against your religion, isn’t it? Maybe you should read that New Testament portion of your Bible again.

    People who just want to peacefully worship and practice their religion don’t deserve to have to put up with you. You’re giving Christianity and Americans a bad name, and frankly, I’ll thank you to find a new hobby.


  1. The Civilian says:

    Ah, Shine, Shine, Shine, don’t you realize those Muslims are evil? They’re like cockroaches. Evil cockroaches. If you see one, then there’s thousands more that you don’t see. We’ve got to be proactive about keeping them out of our communities!

    Seriously though, I don’t get christians(or religious people in general really). They preach love and acceptance and then turn around and hate gays and Muslims and anyone who isn’t a part of their church. We had a Mormon leader make waves in Utah here saying that gays can change and that it was like alcoholism, they just had to learn to overcome the urges. I don’t get it. If god loves us all unconditionally, why does it matter?

  2. Renee says:

    There is a double standard here, and the double standard is this…the Muslim culture in their sphere of the world (not all who are in America) are one of the most intolerant religious cultures we have. You are not allowed to worship any other way except the Muslim way in their country. They actually still behead people for misconduct. And part of their religious culture is to build a mosque or place of worship where they won a battle. Most Americans see the 9/11 incident as a battle, and the Muslims see it as a win, therefore their religious cultural standard is to build a place of worship where they won a battle. I’m not saying that’s what they are doing (although some speculate) i’m saying that’s their religious norm.

    The Muslim community from their part of the world (not the one’s who’ve been “Americanized” – for better lack of term) want religious tolerance in this country, and they know they can get it, however they are so unwilling to give it in return.

    If i tried to go over there and read a bible, something horribly bad would happen to me.

    As a Human being who has a natural inclination towards “fairness” i don’t really see the need to extend much tolerance to them when they won’t extend it to me. On the other hand, as a Christian I have to put that aside and choose the better way to handle it.

    I know a woman who was in the tower and she suffers every single day, and is going blind because of the ash & smoke getting in her eyes, she has lung failure because of the ash and smoke getting in her system…she doesn’t want this center either. People who were personally affected by this tragedy – because that’s what it was – do not want this center. It has nothing to do with religious tolerance or intolerance. It’s about sensitivity to what they went through. They are living a defective dying life with illness beyond monetary repair…and now the very people who caused this want to build a center near there. It will be a constant reminder – as if their eyesight and organ failures and dwindling bank accounts due to medical bills weren’t’ enough of a reminder.

    This is STILL a very painful thing that happened to people who are STILL living with the repercussions of it. And you can’t over-simplify this by saying it’s a religious intolerance thing and the Christians should just shut up.

    It’s about the heart. About humanity. About suffering that is still happening. It’s about caring more about the people affected.

    My opinion is that the building shouldn’t be in a location so close to where the towers were. I say it because i care about the people who are still affected every single minute of their lives, until their body finally shuts down because of the effects. I care more about the dying people, the dead sons, daughters, wives and dads.

    I know the world has evolved so rapidly that it’s hard to realize sometimes that there is right and wrong.

    But there is. There is still right and wrong. Ignoring the suffering and the tragedy that happened is wrong. Placing blame on just the Christians, because they happen to have the loudest voice in this right now, is wrong. No one is saying they can’t worship, no one is saying they can’t contribute to the community to make it a better place. People are just asking that they have some respect and do it at a different location.

    Also, I’ve not found a place in the Bible where it says being a Christian means being tolerant. In fact, Jesus was very intolerant of injustices, greed, unforgiveness, false gods, false teachers, people who say they’re Christians but act otherwise (pharisees), and intolerant of being un-loving – among many other things.

    God does love us unconditionally. That means there are not conditions we have to meet to earn his love. His love is a gift He freely gives that we will never be able to earn. Just like free-will is a gift He freely gives us. He will never force himself on us, because He created our hearts so that we choose love and to love in return of our own free-will. And in the end – that’s all that matters.

    • shine says:

      We’ll probably have to just agree to disagree on this one.

      But a couple of things:

      1. This post wasn’t about the Islamic Cultural Center that is being built near Ground Zero, it’s about people in a tiny town in Middle Tennessee being pretty horrible to people who want to build a place to worship and celebrate their culture in their town. You know, where they live, as well. No battles were fought or won there, unless we’re just counting the entire country as a place of battle.

      2. We live in America, not in the Middle East. I can’t speak for the way things are there (since I don’t live there), but as Americans we’re constantly trying to act like our way is better BECAUSE we’re more tolerant, because we believe in freedom, because we don’t do the things they do. I think we should act like it.

      3. The faction of individuals who hijacked planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center were extremists and not representative of the entire Muslim culture. Comparatively (in my opinion), they are to the Muslim religion what the KKK is to the Christian religion. Would you want to be judged based on the actions of that group? Probably not.

      4. I wasn’t talking about all Christians, just the ones who are acting in a (in my opinion) pretty un-Christian-like fashion. Committing crimes isn’t really the way to solve this problem and we would fly in the face of any Muslim person who committed a crime as such in protest of a Christian church. Just sayin’.

      5. Right and wrong are subjective. They just are. It’s never as black and white as right and wrong. Your perception is that building a place for Muslims to worship anywhere near Ground Zero is wrong, my perception is that it’s not. Who’s to say who’s right? At the very least, it’s not against the law.

      If we’re going to live in a country of diversity, we have to learn to get along and respect each other.

    • ukmikel says:

      How far do you take that discussion. It is not just muslims that have extremists. The same oges for so called christians.
      I used to live in london around the time the IRA (Catholics) were carrying a out bombing campaign against the British mainland. I was working in a hospital A&E (ED in America I believe) when we recieved victims from two bombings. One the Chelsea Barracks bomb where they tried to kill a load of Army musicians as they returned to base. They managed to kill a grandmother and a young boy. The next was the bombing outside Harrods, just before Christmas one year – manymore victims there and not even the pretense of trying to kill the military. Harrods is a large shop where people like you and me went to buy christmas presents for people.
      Should we hate catholics and stop them building their churches because of that. Westminster Cathederal – the prime catholic church in England is only about a mile (if that) from Harrods, should we knock that down in deference to the victims of the bomb?
      I dont think so!
      If people give into feelings like that then in my opinion that means the bombers have won, and to a degree they already have.
      I was in New York last year for a visit. Every major tourist attraction has metal scanners, xray devices for scanning bags and so on. I queued for 2 hours just to get through security at battery park to go on a ferry to see the statue of liberty, was all that there before 9/11, i bet it wasn’t.

      Most muslims do not condone what happened on 9/11 I work with enough of them to know that. The people that did that were, as Shine says, extremists – the same as the KKK and IRA – they do not represent “normal”people.

      Incidentally there are churches in Muslim countries, they are just not “in your face”, they keep a low profile but they are there. Some muslim countries are more tolerant than others agreed but as long as you do not push your religion in peoples faces out there you will get by. Tolerance – it works

  3. Renee says:

    I can absolutely get on board with agreeing to disagree, it’s what makes us all unique and intricate…
    and to that #1. you’re totally right, i took it there and you weren’t – my mind just immediately went there through all my typing because i guess i’m just still so frustrated by all the crap surrounding it and i haven’t really said much about it. so i def apologize for spewing that on your comments section.
    i have more about 2-5, agreeing and disagreeing but we can discuss another time if you want.


    Again, i’m sorry, i really didn’t mean to spew that all over your comments, it kind of just ended up there. and i should have edited myself.

    also, love the new theme layout. really good pick.

    • shine says:

      I never mind when you spew things in my comment section, and we can discuss anything you want. But I doubt we’re going to agree on this one. :-)

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