• I wonder if men can just get a degree in RAPE in college…

    First, let me say this: I KNOW that not all men are rapists. In this case, I’m talking about the men who are.

    I just read this article on Alternet and I have to tell you…I feel almost sick. And sadly not surprised.

    If you don’t feel like reading the article, basically two male basketball players sexually assaulted a woman on campus. The woman reported the incident. The prosecutor declined to bring charges.

    What makes this case special (because sadly the lack of charges for rape on a college campus does not) is that one of the men who was involved in the sexual assault admitted that the woman didn’t want to have sex. He admitted that she said no. He stopped, but his friend kept going.

    Even the police, in this case, deemed this pretty damning evidence. A confession, if you will. But the prosecutor decided not to press charges on the athletes, saying that he’s not convinced that any force or coercion occurred (which flies in the face of the TESTIMONY by the ASSAULTER) and that the victim didn’t want to press charges (which has been denied by the woman in question and seems to fly in the face of her REPORTING IT to the POLICE).

    I’m sure there will be no punishment for this prosecutor, though I think someone should seriously question whether he’s fit to practice law.

    The athletes will probably also go without punishment.

    The sad fact is, sexual assault without consequence is far too common on college campuses. What’s even more sad is that college athletes learn early on that their actions have little consequence, and that, because they are special, they can do what they want. Then some of them grow up to play professional sports, make a lot of money, and retain the same bullshit no-responsibility attitude.

    Kobe Bryant still plays for the NBA.

    Michael Vick is back in the NFL.

    Donte Stallworth is back in the NFL.

    The list goes on. The message is clear. If you’re a male athlete, feel free to operate by your own rules. We won’t bother to hold you accountable.

    (I really can’t say whether or not this happens for female athletes, but I’ve never really heard anything about it.)

    What would I like to see?

    More prosecutions, more punishment. Women are not your playthings, the world does not bend to your will. There are laws, you must follow them.

    If you’re convicted of rape, you should, at the very least, be expelled from college. I think you should also have to repay any scholarship given to you by the university. Seem harsh? Maybe it will make these men STOP AND THINK before raping another woman. Yes, I said another. Often it doesn’t happen just once. Many of these student rapists become serial rapists.

    In my opinion, you shouldn’t be allowed back in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS after you’ve been convicted of a felony. ANY felony. And don’t start with the blah blah paid his debt to society bullshit. That may be, but you think a doctor who gets convicted of a felony gets to just skip right back into the practice of medicine? No.

    And yes, that would probably wipe out at least half of every NFL team.

    How pathetic is it that we glorify these people who don’t seem to ever learn the difference between right and wrong?

    I know that professional sports isn’t going to cooperate with me, but I don’t think that my suggestion for student rapists is out of line. You can get expelled for cheating, why not rape?


  1. Jay says:

    It really is backwards, isn’t it? I say put these misogynist assholes in jail and let free all the hot teachers fulfilling junior high fantasies ’round the world.

  2. Jenny says:

    Because, I mean, cheating on an exam is clearly *so much worse* than raping another human being, isn’t it?

  3. reese says:

    in what universe is rape ever to be taken lightly/ignored/okay/funny/desensitized??? oh wait… ours. b. FUCK MICHAEL VICK I HOPE HE GETS GANGRENE IN HIS LEGS LOSES HIS ARM TO A PIRAHNA AND GETS BIT ON THE ASSHOLE BY A BROWN RECLUSE.

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