• Joe Miller? Have a little class.

    You lost, sir. You lost to a write-in campaign. Spending your time trying to fight simple, accidental misspellings of the other candidate’s name just has you looking petty and ridiculous.

    In most cases that I’ve seen, the voter’s intention is pretty clear. Obviously, if the write-in is for Daffy Duck, that one probably shouldn’t be counted for your opponent. Maybe next time you run, you can propose a complete overhaul of the education system? That way children might learn how to spell. Then this won’t be an issue in the future.

    You lost. To someone whose name wasn’t even on the ballot. Time to concede.

    As for the rest of the election, all I can really say is UGH. The people who voted for known criminals and crazies and people wholly unqualified to do the job? This is on you. I wish I could be exempt from the legislation that’s sure to be enacted. I hear Texas is trying to pull out of Medicaid. Awesome.

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