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  • Sometimes it’s hard being responsible.


    Well, THANKS, Alternet, for ruining my Halloween. Yeah, now I’m going to ruin yours. Or maybe you won’t care, I don’t know.

    It seems that much of the chocolate we regularly consume is…produced by child slave labor. DUN DUN DUN!

    No, but really. In 2001, a couple of reporters exposed US chocolate companies for procuring their chocolate from suppliers who use slave children.

    The sad thing? I don’t remember anything about it.

    Two democrats in Congress tried to pass laws to regulate the chocolate companies, but they were made useless when said companies volunteered to clean up their acts by 2005. Yeah, they didn’t. They set a new voluntary date of 2008. But that came and went. And no one really noticed.

    And now here we are in 2010. Not a thing has changed.

    Take a look at the Alternet article for suggestions on what you can do, if you’re interested in doing anything. I know I, for one, probably won’t be able to stomach Halloween candy drenched in the sweat of 12-year-old African children. (There’s a link to a scorecard where you can find out just how bad your favorite brand of chocolate is…)