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  • Joe Miller? Have a little class.


    You lost, sir. You lost to a write-in campaign. Spending your time trying to fight simple, accidental misspellings of the other candidate’s name just has you looking petty and ridiculous.

    In most cases that I’ve seen, the voter’s intention is pretty clear. Obviously, if the write-in is for Daffy Duck, that one probably shouldn’t be counted for your opponent. Maybe next time you run, you can propose a complete overhaul of the education system? That way children might learn how to spell. Then this won’t be an issue in the future.

    You lost. To someone whose name wasn’t even on the ballot. Time to concede.

    As for the rest of the election, all I can really say is UGH. The people who voted for known criminals and crazies and people wholly unqualified to do the job? This is on you. I wish I could be exempt from the legislation that’s sure to be enacted. I hear Texas is trying to pull out of Medicaid. Awesome.

  • Not Welcome, AKA You Should Probably be Ashamed of Yourselves.


    Unless you live in a cave or possibly in Papua New Guinea, you probably heard about all the controversy surrounding the so (inaccurately)-called Ground Zero Mosque. And to all the people who continue to spew a bunch of hate about that? You know where you can shove it.

    What you probably didn’t hear about is a similar controversy, taking place in a small town in Middle Tennessee. In fact, several members of my family live in this small town. I can’t say whether they would have been a part of this, but I’m sort of scared to call and find out.

    Mufreesboro, Tennessee is home to some 200 churches, according to this article, but the town folk got more than a little upset when it became clear that there were plans to build an Islamic Center in the town, as well.

    Vandalism, protests, town meetings, and finally arson ensued. All because some people who aren’t Christians wanted to have a place to worship, too.

    I can’t even explain how much this disgusts me. What I’ll never understand is how, HOW, it’s affecting these people to have an Islamic Center in their town? What is it that gives you the right, as Christians, to commit crimes and deface property and scream and shout a bunch of hate? That’s sort of…against your religion, isn’t it? Maybe you should read that New Testament portion of your Bible again.

    People who just want to peacefully worship and practice their religion don’t deserve to have to put up with you. You’re giving Christianity and Americans a bad name, and frankly, I’ll thank you to find a new hobby.

  • Maybe we’re just tired of all the lies?


    I’ve been listening for far too long to people complain about young people’s lack of involvement in politics these days. I, for one, am tired of it. It’s really not all that difficult to understand why we’re not very involved, and sitting around whining about it isn’t doing anyone any good.

    In my opinion, young people aren’t involved in politics for these reasons (a list which I’m sure is incomplete):

    1. They don’t really see it as important or how it affects their everyday lives. Depending on the age group we’re talking about here, they’re either in college or working jobs making somewhere around minimum wage. They don’t give a flying crap about taxes and that’s what politicians are constantly blathering about. Few people in their late teens or early twenties are really sitting around contemplating what life might be like when they have a “real job” and/or a family.

    2. They are completely disillusioned about government. While they probably won’t all tell you that government doesn’t work, they will all tell you that politicians don’t. If you’re a democrat in a republican state, what motivation do you have to go out and vote? Moreover, if you’re not going to vote, what motivation do you have to research the platforms on which the candidates stand?

    3. They’re dealing with lies from all over. Think about it for a second. They’ve grown up in a world with constant advertising (lies) and 24-hour news (which barely has standards) and politicians who constantly say one thing and do another. It’s like a game to see who can fool the most people and they’re tired of being fooled. They don’t feel like they can trust or believe anything any more.

    4. The general attitude is “how can you help me?” And really, politicians today don’t seem to care a whole lot about the younger generation. Half the time, when they go to volunteer or try to get involved, they’re treated like children or as though they’re stupid. Why bother?

    5. In today’s world, all they get to hear is the people on both ends of the spectrum shouting at each other. If you’re a democrat, you must be an elitist who just wants to rob everyone of their money. If you’re a republican, you’re probably stupid and full of hate. What these extreme people fail to take into account is that most of the country lives solidly in the middle and you don’t get anywhere with anyone by calling him or her stupid.

    Is it any wonder, then, that young people have decided to just stay home? Even just recently, they came together to support Obama and he was elected with a pretty serious majority. Then he got into office and didn’t really bother to do much of anything he said he was going to do. He lied to get elected, making him no better (or worse, for that matter) than the rest of those politicians. And if he thinks he’s going to fool them again, he better think twice. The younger generation doesn’t like to get burned.

    Since I’m 30 years old, I don’t really feel like I can count myself in the younger generation, but I do share some of these frustrations. I’m tired of the status quo, but I’m not sure what to do about it, since elections now are simply about who can raise the most money and not about who can do the right thing. We can’t even agree on what the right thing is.

    I just listened to some men on the radio puzzling about this very topic. One suggested that the way to get to the young voters is to use their technology. He suggested something with video games. This is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. Video games and reality television and trashy magazines are not the solution, they’re part of the problem. No, I don’t think all video games or all television is bad. I just don’t think that the answer to this problem is to have more propaganda thrown at young people through these mediums. Why not try to inspire them to ask questions and research answers? Why not try to get them involved and off the couch? Why not ask THEM what they think?

    This isn’t the ’60s, unfortunately. Even peaceful protests have been busted up by the police, despite being protected by the constitution. People are so comfortable with their hate and ignorance these days. I’m still appalled at the rampant racism this country showed when a black man was running for president. My Aunt Dana swore that Hillary should have won the nomination because, historically, “white women have won battles before black men.” I disagreed at the time and I still disagree. After all, it took another 50 years for women to win the right to vote, after a constitutional amendment was passed prohibiting the denial of a vote based on race.

    This “bipartisan” thing just isn’t working. The catch-22 of being a democrat is this: Your republican opponent will do whatever it takes to win. If you do the same, you will lose. I’m not sure how we got here. How one party can spew false information and use fear as a weapon and kidnap patriotism is beyond me. I would never vote for a candidate who blatantly did those things. Republicans? Is this really what you want? Is it just about winning? What happened to that morality you preach? Democrats are seen as weak, as “pussies,” when they don’t engage in the same behavior to win. But if they did, would we vote for them?

    Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion, at this point, a politician is a politician and the whole lot of them are bad apples. I think it’s the unfortunate nature of politics that makes this so. Especially since we’ve allowed corporations to rule our politics and rule our elections. If you donate enough money to the winning (or even losing) candidate, you can be assured that you now have carte blanche to act in whatever unethical manner makes you the most money and hurts the most people and that candidate won’t be able to call you out at all. You may even get a pass from that candidate’s entire party.

    Is this really how I want to live? No. But what can I do about it? I’m honestly stumped. I’m just one person. I try to do the right thing. I try to live my life in a kind and responsible manner. Am I going to change the world? Probably not. But I know that I’ll be able to sleep at night. Do you?

  • Why I think some liberals aren’t helping themselves.


    As usual, please remember that this is simply my opinion. Got it? Good.

    While I’m at work, I’ve started listening to a talk radio station. I listen on the internets, which, I think, is the only way to listen. They stream live talk and video. It’s supposed to be a progressive talk station and it’s on Rational Broadcasting.

    I don’t know how progressive I think some of the content is. Particularly the three hours in the afternoon where a loud bald man and his merry band of fools spend most of their time talking about women as though they’re a commodity.

    The men who host shows where they talk about politics, however, are certainly liberal. I don’t know if I’d call them progressive, but if they want that title, I’ll go with it.

    What I’ve noticed about these men, more one than the other, is that they’re the very definition of that whole “elitist liberal” thing. One day, the group spent a good two hours talking about how enlightened they were, with the basic implication that anyone who didn’t think the way they think is just not intelligent.

    Now, you guys know, I think, that I’m definitely not a Republican and I’m certainly not religious. But even I was a little insulted by some of the statements made. Particularly the implication that anyone who is moderate is simply “uneducated and uninformed.” WTF, progressives? Is this really what you want to stand for? Because it’s pretty disgusting.

    One woman, who was a guest on the show, said that Americans weren’t as “cultured” or “enlightened” as Europeans, because more Europeans have active passports. In my opinion, that’s one big fucking leap. There are lots of reasons why fewer Americans might have active passports. Not the least of which is that we get less than half the vacation time.

    I guess what I want to say to those so-called Progressives out there is this: What are you really accomplishing by telling over half the country that they’re stupid? Why on earth would they want to listen to you, if you’re just going to insult them? Particularly, you should back off the moderates. There’s nothing wrong with being moderate. I think extremes are the problem, in fact.

    I think we can accomplish a lot by having a rational conversation and explaining why we believe what we believe and why we disagree with others. There’s no way to do that, if we’re just going to be rude to those we oppose. Frankly, that’s the game of the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs and Sarah Palins of the world, and I don’t think we should play it.

    Stop being so dismissive of others’ opinions and beliefs, even if you don’t agree with them. Instead, ask questions and try to understand. What could it hurt?

    When the Republican mouthpieces spread lies, it’s possible to correct them without name calling. You’re better than that…right?

  • Oh, Dr. Laura.


    I don’t know how you guys could have missed Dr. Laura’s n-word riddled rant from earlier this week, but if you did, here’s a transcript.

    My beef with Dr. Laura goes back for years, actually. That woman is…well, let’s just say that I’ve rarely found myself in agreement with her. I have no idea why anyone would call into her show to ask for her “advice,” let alone this woman. How you could possibly think that Dr. Laura would have advice for you on the subject of race or racism is beyond me. In this case, though, I’m not necessarily here to bitch about Dr. Laura’s use of the n-word. While I think that word is offensive and I choose not to use it and I think it should be stricken from the English language (and no one should use it), Dr. Laura technically has the right to say it on her show. And she didn’t call anyone that word, she just said it over and over and over.

    What is completely ridiculous, though, is that she went on Larry King to say that she “wants her First Amendment rights back.” Uh, Dr. Laura? You still have them. That’s why you weren’t arrested for spewing that hateful word 11 times in five minutes.

    But the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from ALL the consequences of your actions, where expression is concerned. Just the legal ones. So the fact that your sponsors and advertisers all decided (FINALLY!) to pull the plug on their money? That’s not something that’s protected by the First Amendment.

    How you still had sponsors is beyond me, since you’ve been doing nothing but spreading hate and really shitty advice for years. And while, yes, technically, you ARE a PhD, that PhD is in, I believe, physiology. Not psychology. In other words, you have absolutely no qualifications to be giving anyone advice in the first place. As the disclaimer for your show indicates.

    So tata for now, Dr. Laura. I know this won’t be the last we hear from you. But those First Amendment rights you’re so worried about are intact (for now), no thanks to your political party of crazy right wing nuts, I might add.