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  • I may or may not have creamed my pants a little at this comment.


    I wrote about those damn Yale frat boys a couple of days ago. I’m sure you all rolled your eyes at me getting all riled up at what was obviously a bunch of idiots acting like idiots.

    But imagine my surprise when an article on Jezebel suggested we should all do just that. Chalk this one up to boys being boys, because they were obviously just trying to get attention.

    Oh yeah? Who the fuck cares? I think we should give them all the attention they want. In the form of anal rape, you say? No, that would be going too far.

    What these “boys” were proving was just how little respect they have for women. I’ll admit that hazing rituals make little sense to me in the first place, but please don’t try to tell me that the only way to humiliate a bunch of men is to have them yell misogynistic chants on a college campus. Why not post pictures of their tiny dicks on the internet? Why not parade them around campus in chaps? Why not find an embarrassing secret and expose it? Forcing them to endure humiliation shouldn’t require punishing others. Keep your fucking hazing to yourself.

    Jezebel, I’m disappointed in you. Both for acting like shouting “no means yes; yes means anal” is no big deal on a college campus, where rape is running rampant and is particularly associated with athletes and frat boys, and for focusing more on some necrophilia chant than on the message that rape is no big deal. Let’s not let this happen again, okay?

    Then, I got to this comment…and I felt all tingly in my bathing suit parts. CassandraSays? Let’s make out:

    What actually makes us look bad as feminists is being so ridiculously concerned about our image that we’re willing to sell out those of our college-aged sisters who may well be frightened by having to live in an environment in which stuff like this is taking place. Acting like it’s silly to be angry about men making rape into a joke, especially given the actual prevalence of rape on college campuses and its particular association with fraternities? That makes us look like complete imbeciles, as well as spineless and lacking the courage to stand up for our convictions.

    First of all, we are not the Borg, individual feminists get to choose the issues they care about and want to focus on. Secondly, if one was to put together a list of things that are feminist issues but fairly low priorities in a global sense, one might include, say, the debate about what men opening doors for women means socially speaking and whether it reinforces sexism. One would not put “some men think rape is funny” on that list, nor would one include “combating rape culture on college campuses and the role fraternities play in reinforcing it”. Not unless one was too weak to stand up to the pressure not to criticize sexism in ways that make people think one is just totally uncool and humorless, man.

    The idea that feminists are humorless and prone to overreacting is based on sexism. We don’t fix that by running around going “omg, if I talk about this will people think I’m humorless?”. We fix it by refusing to allow ourselves to be manipulated into adjusting our behavior so as not to make sexists uncomfortable.

    YES! Exactly.

    And I do think, as feminists, we have to be careful not to get pissed off about every little thing. I just don’t happen to believe this IS a little thing. Especially when rape on college campuses are practically commonplace and often goes unpunished.