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  • Not Welcome, AKA You Should Probably be Ashamed of Yourselves.


    Unless you live in a cave or possibly in Papua New Guinea, you probably heard about all the controversy surrounding the so (inaccurately)-called Ground Zero Mosque. And to all the people who continue to spew a bunch of hate about that? You know where you can shove it.

    What you probably didn’t hear about is a similar controversy, taking place in a small town in Middle Tennessee. In fact, several members of my family live in this small town. I can’t say whether they would have been a part of this, but I’m sort of scared to call and find out.

    Mufreesboro, Tennessee is home to some 200 churches, according to this article, but the town folk got more than a little upset when it became clear that there were plans to build an Islamic Center in the town, as well.

    Vandalism, protests, town meetings, and finally arson ensued. All because some people who aren’t Christians wanted to have a place to worship, too.

    I can’t even explain how much this disgusts me. What I’ll never understand is how, HOW, it’s affecting these people to have an Islamic Center in their town? What is it that gives you the right, as Christians, to commit crimes and deface property and scream and shout a bunch of hate? That’s sort of…against your religion, isn’t it? Maybe you should read that New Testament portion of your Bible again.

    People who just want to peacefully worship and practice their religion don’t deserve to have to put up with you. You’re giving Christianity and Americans a bad name, and frankly, I’ll thank you to find a new hobby.

  • Oh, Dr. Laura.


    I don’t know how you guys could have missed Dr. Laura’s n-word riddled rant from earlier this week, but if you did, here’s a transcript.

    My beef with Dr. Laura goes back for years, actually. That woman is…well, let’s just say that I’ve rarely found myself in agreement with her. I have no idea why anyone would call into her show to ask for her “advice,” let alone this woman. How you could possibly think that Dr. Laura would have advice for you on the subject of race or racism is beyond me. In this case, though, I’m not necessarily here to bitch about Dr. Laura’s use of the n-word. While I think that word is offensive and I choose not to use it and I think it should be stricken from the English language (and no one should use it), Dr. Laura technically has the right to say it on her show. And she didn’t call anyone that word, she just said it over and over and over.

    What is completely ridiculous, though, is that she went on Larry King to say that she “wants her First Amendment rights back.” Uh, Dr. Laura? You still have them. That’s why you weren’t arrested for spewing that hateful word 11 times in five minutes.

    But the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from ALL the consequences of your actions, where expression is concerned. Just the legal ones. So the fact that your sponsors and advertisers all decided (FINALLY!) to pull the plug on their money? That’s not something that’s protected by the First Amendment.

    How you still had sponsors is beyond me, since you’ve been doing nothing but spreading hate and really shitty advice for years. And while, yes, technically, you ARE a PhD, that PhD is in, I believe, physiology. Not psychology. In other words, you have absolutely no qualifications to be giving anyone advice in the first place. As the disclaimer for your show indicates.

    So tata for now, Dr. Laura. I know this won’t be the last we hear from you. But those First Amendment rights you’re so worried about are intact (for now), no thanks to your political party of crazy right wing nuts, I might add.